Easily manage your own organization(s)

  • Invite team members via our module and decide what rights they get.
  • Manage multiple organizations under one account.
  • Add your own terms and conditions to the organization, which you can then easily link to a ticketshop.
  • Use our privacy statement module to generate a statement. You can link it to a ticketshop
  • Set up your own cashback by increasing the service costs of Eventgoose.
  • Secure your account in a waterproof way with 2fa.


  • Suitable for any type of event and location. One-day events , multi-day events (festivals, weekenders), ongoing events (amusement parks, museums).
  • Use the extended time slots module to let visitors buy tickets per time slot.
  • Manage rights and create roles up to event level.
  • Create a cashback at event level by increasing the service costs of Eventgoose.


  • You will have your own web page, with clear blocks where you can enter all the information.
  • A handy Google maps integration in the shop.
  • Integrate the shop in your own website with our embed function.
  • The shop can be styled according to your wishes.
  • Use the multi-shop to place multiple events in 1 overview.
  • For the pro’s: complete styling via a CSS editor.
  • Place a YouTube video in the header instead of an image to create a more dynamic shop.
  • Plan the live run of the ticket shop via the availability module.
  • Use the option to only offer mobile tickets (think before you print!).
  • Add your own payment options, on top of Ideal and Bancontact (Apple Pay, Mastercard/Visa, Paypal).

Realtime Statistics

  • Our event and ticket detail pages always show the relevant statistics, so you are always up to date with the turnover and other data of the event in real time.
  • Process analytics or a facebook pixel in the ticket shop allowing you to measure ads from external parties.
  • Easily make a date selection to view reports on orders, scans, tickets, revenue.


  • Discover the upsell possibilities in the ordering process by adding products to a ticket (coin tickets, parking tickets, merchandise).
  • Our extensive discount code module enables you to give discounts on every level.
  • Put your ticket ‘on fire’ to show that it is a wanted product. Stimulate your sales of that specific ticket in this way.
  • Increase the conversion on a ticket, by showing the sales percentages (95% sold out).
  • Set extra mail moments to bring the confirmation mail to your attention again.
  • Block the ticket shop and reward your loyal fans with unique codes that allow them to be the only ones to approach the shop.
  • Enable a countdown on the ticket shop if ticket sales have not yet started.


  • Surprise your visitors with a message and send an SMS from our system in no time.
  • Add your own Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics Tag to the ticket shop.
  • Insure your ticket buyers of a ‘Secure Swap’ on the ticket sales platform Ticketswap.
  • Use the seamless link with Mailchimp to synchronize email addresses of ticket buyers with your mailchimp account.





  • Tickets are fully customizable. Start with an empty canvas and create your own ticket in our unique ticket editor.
  • Or use the free templates we designed for you. The templates are regularly updated with new designs.
  • The tickets can be downloaded as an a4 (print) or mobile ticket.
  • A mobile ticket can be stored in your Wallet.
  • In addition to our standard fields, add your own questions to generate more data from the ticket buyer.


  • Distribute free tickets to your guests by sending them an invitation.
  • If you want to print hardcopy tickets yourself, or use third party apps like Im Inn, you can easily send a series of QR codes.

Manage your orders

  • Rebook orders or tickets yourself to another ticket, day or time slot.
  • You have full and real-time insight into the status of all orders.
  • Simply download the tickets of an order.
  • Manage or change all dates of the ticket buyer within an order.
  • Use the option to resend an order.

High-end scan software

Eventgoose built a high-end scanning system for access control. For smaller events with lower visitor numbers (up to 400 per hour), the Eventgoose App enables you to perform the access control yourself, using a smartphone or tablet.

For events with a higher number of visitors, scanning is done with the Eventgoose Scan software, which can be downloaded onto a PC/laptop. Subsequently, multiple devices can be linked to it (wirelessly) so that large groups of people can pass the entrance without delays due to access control. The scan software has been developed in such a way that there is a minimum response time, making long queues a thing of the past.

Administration & Payout

  • Gain insight into your current balance.
  • Generate a clear payment specification for your own administration.
  • All our payments are handled securely by Buckaroo.