Written by: Dion Meuleman

DOVO, football club from Veenendaal, uses Eventgoose for ticket sales and visitor registration for their matches. After we had mapped out the club’s wishes regarding ticket sales and visitor registration, we advised DOVO on the design of the sales channels, ticket types and access control.

In the case of DOVO, we created a sales channel for visitors where members and non-members can buy a ticket for a standing or grandstand space. In addition, a special sales channel has been set up for business club members. To sell tickets on location and at the door, the club uses our reseller functionality.

Another important aspect of the process is the registration of visitors according to national guidelines. Therefore, the mandatory Covid-19 questions and checks are asked in the purchase process. In addition, each ticket in an order is personalised by name and contact details. This is necessary in order to meet the requirements, but also to be able to identify business and club members with tickets upon entry in combination with a member or business club card. The distinction is also made visually because DOVO uses a different design for the regular and business club tickets that is created with our ticket editor.

For the access control, the club uses our scan app on different smartphones. Because these are synchronised, it is possible to set up multiple access control points.

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