Time slot tickets for any type of event

Together with one of our event- and ticketing professionals you look for the best solution to set up time slot tickets within the ticketing system of your location or event. Among other things, we look at the different ticket types you want to offer, the different timeslots and dayparts, the dates on which the time slot tickets are available and the maximum capacity per timeslot.

We can then set up the ticket sales system so that visitors can book a time slot ticket in combination with online registration of all visitor data and the COVID-19 checks as required by the government. Through our dashboard you can follow the bookings per time slot in real-time and you have insight into the data of your visitors. Access control up to 400 visitors per hour is easily done with our Scan App for your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to scan the time slot tickets at the entrance. The software gives you real-time insight into the number of present and expected visitors.

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How it works: booking a time slot ticket

The module to book time slot tickets works as follows. First a customer selects a ticket type or combination of ticket types, after which a display appears of all available dates, based on the number of tickets you selected. After selecting a date, available time slots are automatically displayed with an autoscroll. When a time slot is sold out, it is no longer clickable and it will be given a different color. This module to offer time slot tickets has been developed for both mobile and desktop. Visitors receive an instant confirmation with the admission ticket in the form of an e-ticket for mobile and print in their mailbox. These e-tickets can be completely styled by yourself with our ticket editor. On our tryout page you can see the timeslot shop for yourself.

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Adam Nillissen

Unfair Amsterdam

"We approached Eventgoose to develop a brand new ticketing system for our temporary museum, in the midst of a time when little was possible in the cultural sector and there was a lot of uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic. Eventgoose's out-of-the-box thinking delivered a great ticket store with all the features needed to meet the challenges of our time. They were always available, quick to respond and very cooperative."

Menno Koch

Hippisch Festijn

"This was the first time we worked with Eventgoose. Fortunately, we were able to use a store that was set up in such a way that we could meet the additional requirements regarding registration and source and contact research. The access control scanning application was very easy to use. We will continue to use it from now on!"

Luuk Domhof

De Timp

"Online ticket sales are a very important part, especially in this day and age. Eventgoose has done a fantastic job in making this possible with the right approach and solutions. We will definitely do business more often in the future"

Melle Bloemen


"Eventgoose is the perfect partner for us to work with. They put themselves in the customer's shoes on both a professional and personal level, and you can tell that their passion and experience in this field is the basis for that. They do more than is asked of them to make your event a success."

Rene Romeijn

Green Park Handbal Aalsmeer

"We use Eventgoose for access at our sporting events. Ideal platform, very user friendly and easy to use for everyone. Fast service and they think with us about solutions and/or new developments. All in all, highly recommended for everyone."

Bert Messing


"We have worked with Eventgoose several times for different events, to our complete satisfaction. A very nice and simple system for everyone: from small parties to big festivals. The team is small and therefore very nice: short distances, good service and flexible: if you have special requests, they think along with you or include it in the next system update if necessary ;)"


"We have been working with Eventgoose since 2018. A young and dedicated team is at your service and nothing is too much trouble. They think along with the customer and look for creative solutions for everything!"


BMX Supercross World Cup Papendal

"A large 3-day event with over 10,000 visitors. The cooperation can be described with one word: Excellent! Clear explanations, always available."

Joey Heijnen

Kuukse elfkroegetocht

"Eventgoose thinks along with you and uses their experience to make your event a success!"

Anthony Benjamin

HipHop Kingz

"Always available and a great ticket store for all our international fans!"

Mattheus Blijenberg


"You can keep track of sales on the website on a daily basis. amazing! I can recommend it to everyone."

Suzanne Visser


"Eventgoose provides insight into all your ticket sales and offers excellent service, making the entire ticketing process worry-free."

Roel Gerrits

Outlands Open Air

"They think along with us and make sure that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail!"

Jaap Bruijstens

Magistraal & Fahrenheit

"The great thing about working with Eventgoose is that it's about more than just "selling" tickets. With their great experience and super flexible service, together we managed to take our festival to the next level. A great collaboration with shared passions. As far as we are concerned, they live up to everything and more!"