Over 2000 organizations have already used our online ticketing service

Whether you are going to sell 20 or 20,000 tickets through our online ticket service, we always have an option that is right for you. What type of organizer are you? Make a choice, and we’ll try to show you relevant information.

Starting Organiser

For the organiser with serious plans, but a little less experience. You would like to sell tickets online, but do not know exactly how. Lucky you, because our team is ready to teach you the intricacies of the online ticketing business. No stress, your online ticket sales will be online in no time.

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Growing Organiser

You know what you are looking for, selling tickets online is not new to you, but since your events are getting more and more serious, you also need a serious ticket platform…you are looking for a system that fits the professionalism of your organisation. Stop searching..

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Experienced Organiser

Houston, we got one! The experienced organiser knows the ropes. So we don’t have to explain online ticketing to you. Our financial proposal in combination with our state-of-the-art ticketing system should therefore convince you… Challenge accepted!

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How soon is my ticket service online?

You can really start your online ticket service within minutes by signing up directly. You will get an instant login into the system this way. Our platform is so user-friendly that anyone can create and manage an event themselves.

Of course, we also have a team ready to advise you on how best to organize your online ticket sales. Our team consists of smart programmers and professionals from the events industry. Colleagues who are specialized in organizing events, event marketing, content marketing and event management.

Our mission is to work with your organization to sell as many online tickets as possible. So schedule a quick demo with one of our pros to get advice on online ticket sales. Naturally, this is completely free of charge and without obligation.

Online demo inplannen

What does such a no-obligation demo entail?

First, we get to know each other in person, which is important to us at Eventgoose. Depending on your preference, the demo will be done via Whereby, Zoom, Skype or Teams. Next we will determine together what type of organizer you are. We make a distinction between the starting organizer, growing organizer and experienced organizer. Based on that, an Eventgoose colleague will first show you the basic functionalities, so you’ll immediately get an idea of how the system works. Subsequently, we can go a little deeper into any more extensive functionalities that might apply to you. During the demo you can ask questions directly and ask for tips and tricks to ensure your ticket service is optimally set up.

The demo takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Do you need longer? No problem, we’re happy to take the time for you!

What service can I expect?

At Eventgoose, when we use the word ticket service, we always emphasize service. One of the most important core values at Eventgoose is personal service. Since most of our Eventgoose colleagues come from the events industry, we know how important thorough service and accessibility is. In addition to our quick online helpdesk, we are also always easily accessible by phone. We strive for as much personal contact as possible and we always immerse ourselves in the event organizer to get the most out of the ticket service. We are happy to let other organizations tell you about our online ticket service.

Klanten aan het woord

Adam Nillissen

Unfair Amsterdam

"We approached Eventgoose to develop a brand new ticketing system for our temporary museum, in the midst of a time when little was possible in the cultural sector and there was a lot of uncertainty due to the Corona pandemic. Eventgoose's out-of-the-box thinking delivered a great ticket store with all the features needed to meet the challenges of our time. They were always available, quick to respond and very cooperative."

Menno Koch

Hippisch Festijn

"This was the first time we worked with Eventgoose. Fortunately, we were able to use a store that was set up in such a way that we could meet the additional requirements regarding registration and source and contact research. The access control scanning application was very easy to use. We will continue to use it from now on!"

Luuk Domhof

De Timp

"Online ticket sales are a very important part, especially in this day and age. Eventgoose has done a fantastic job in making this possible with the right approach and solutions. We will definitely do business more often in the future"

Melle Bloemen


"Eventgoose is the perfect partner for us to work with. They put themselves in the customer's shoes on both a professional and personal level, and you can tell that their passion and experience in this field is the basis for that. They do more than is asked of them to make your event a success."

Rene Romeijn

Green Park Handbal Aalsmeer

"We use Eventgoose for access at our sporting events. Ideal platform, very user friendly and easy to use for everyone. Fast service and they think with us about solutions and/or new developments. All in all, highly recommended for everyone."

Bert Messing


"We have worked with Eventgoose several times for different events, to our complete satisfaction. A very nice and simple system for everyone: from small parties to big festivals. The team is small and therefore very nice: short distances, good service and flexible: if you have special requests, they think along with you or include it in the next system update if necessary ;)"


"We have been working with Eventgoose since 2018. A young and dedicated team is at your service and nothing is too much trouble. They think along with the customer and look for creative solutions for everything!"


BMX Supercross World Cup Papendal

"A large 3-day event with over 10,000 visitors. The cooperation can be described with one word: Excellent! Clear explanations, always available."

Joey Heijnen

Kuukse elfkroegetocht

"Eventgoose thinks along with you and uses their experience to make your event a success!"

Anthony Benjamin

HipHop Kingz

"Always available and a great ticket store for all our international fans!"

Mattheus Blijenberg


"You can keep track of sales on the website on a daily basis. amazing! I can recommend it to everyone."

Suzanne Visser


"Eventgoose provides insight into all your ticket sales and offers excellent service, making the entire ticketing process worry-free."

Roel Gerrits

Outlands Open Air

"They think along with us and make sure that everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail!"

Jaap Bruijstens

Magistraal & Fahrenheit

"The great thing about working with Eventgoose is that it's about more than just "selling" tickets. With their great experience and super flexible service, together we managed to take our festival to the next level. A great collaboration with shared passions. As far as we are concerned, they live up to everything and more!"

Is it really free?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple – yes! The use of the Eventgoose ticket service is completely free. We charge the service costs per ticket to the ticket buyer, so as an organizer you can use our online ticket service completely free of charge. The costs for iDeal, Bancontact and the use of the scan application are already included in the price.

Of course, you can also choose to cover the costs yourself. No problem at all. To get a better overview of our price structure you can use our calculator. If you would like a customized quote, please contact one of our colleagues.


Go through the following steps to start an online ticketing service

To sell tickets for an event, you don’t need to have IT experience. At least, if you work with Eventgoose. In fact, in everything we develop we try to be the most user-friendly platform. The system is very advanced and the functionalities are endless. However, creating an event is very simple:

  1. Create an account for free and instantly through this link;
  2. Create a new event and follow the steps in the menu. The system is designed in such a way that it is possible for anyone to create their own event
  3. Create a ticket type, or create multiple ticket types and link them to the sales channel;
  4. Complete the event with a nice image or video, and add text, explanations and directions through our Google Maps integration;
  5. Your online ticket service is ready to be used by your visitors!

What makes this ticket service unique?

Within Eventgoose we work with three promises. This is useful for you as an organization, because in this way you know exactly what you can expect from us. But it’s also useful for us when we have to make choices with our team. Our three promises are:

  • We always provide a user-friendly ticket service;
  • We deliver unparalleled and proactive service;
  • We are always evolving.

In addition, our online ticket service is packed with unique features. Too much to mention, so please refer to our feature list.

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Why sell tickets online?

Selling tickets online through Eventgoose has never been easier. Not only is it free and very easy, but online ticketing also gives you better insight into your target audience who you can then reach more specifically. By asking the right questions during the purchase process, you can analyze the buying behavior of the ticket buyers. You can then use this information to fine-tune your next marketing campaign. You have all the tools you need to steer online ticket sales. You get real-time reports of ticket sales and a wide range of additional features: discount codes, SMS functionality, guest list module, ticket swap integration and more! Our software is also 100% free for organizers. In short: reason enough to start right away!

Start gratis direct!

Check out a case of an organization using Eventgoose’s ticket service below

Unfair Amsterdam

Unfair™️ is een tijdelijk museum met opkomende en gevestigde hedendaagse kunstenaars. Voor een speciale eenmalige editie veranderde Unfair20 deze zomer in Unfair™️ – een nieuw soort museum. Van 3 juli tot en met 23 augustus waren bezoekers welkom in de Zuiveringshal West op het Westergasterrein in Amsterdam. Door de maatregelen rondom Covid-19 destijds, stond Unfair voor de uitdaging grip te krijgen op de bezoekersstroom gedurende de openingstijden. Vanuit deze uitdaging kregen wij de vraag om het aankoopproces zo in te richten dat bezoekers een tijdvak konden boeken in combinatie met online registratie van bezoekersdata en de verplichte Covid-19 checks. (more…)

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yes, appearance does matter!

It is of great importance that your ticket buyers end up with a reliable ticket service. But it should also look good, as we know better than anyone. Since a large part of our team comes from the events industry, we are aware of all the developments within the scene. We always try to be one step ahead of our fellow ticket providers. Your sales channel and e-tickets will always look modern and the functionalities within our ticket service are always up-to-date. After all, we are always developing!

For example, we offer a unique ticket editor. Every organization in Eventgoose can style their own e-ticket or mobile ticket to their own liking. You start in the ticketing system with an empty canvas and then create your own e-ticket. If you don’t have time for that, just use a standard template that we’ve created for you. Just as easy!

What can I use a ticket service for?

In fact, you can’t think of anything as crazy as this, or Eventgoose has already sold tickets for it. From workshops on combing dogs to the online ticket service for the opening of the Noordeinde Palace: everything is possible. Our ticket service is used by sports clubs, festival organizations, livestreams, workshops, museums, private parties and more. To give you an example of how a shop can be set up, we refer you to our try page. Here you can experience and try out the different sales channels. Our ticketshops can also be styled by you. Add an image or video, change the color of the buttons or create your own webshop (for the pros) using our CSS editor.

Online ticket service in the corona-crisis.

In this bizarre period it is becoming increasingly important to register visitors online in advance. In this way you collect personal data from the visitors so you can approach them directly for a possible source and contact investigation. Our scanning system knows to the milli-second when someone has been inside. And that is of course essential in view of the latest corona developments. At Eventgoose we follow the latest developments closely and we would like to help you think about how you can respond to such developments. Curious how? We’d love to tell you! For example, we are the right place for time slot tickets, but we also offer many other solutions.

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Still not convinced?

Are you curious about what we at Eventgoose can do for you? We’d love to get to know you and your organization. If we haven’t been able to convince you, or if you’d prefer personal contact, an online demo or a cup of coffee first? Then contact us directly. We are convinced that we can take your ticket sales to the next level. It’s not for nothing that our ticket service is rated with an average of 9.2. Find out for yourself and contact one of our specialists.