Written by: Dion Meuleman

In honour of the 200th track-release of international top hardstyle DJ Noisecontrollers, a show was organised in the main hall of pop stage 013. Eventually it became a close cooperation, with Eventgoose successfully contributing to the ticket sales strategy.

“Eventgoose is the perfect partner for us. They put themselves in the customer’s shoes on both a professional and personal level and you can tell that their passion and experience in this field is at the root of it all. They do more than is asked of them to make your event a success. For the online ticket sales of the show in the 013, Eventgoose really delivered custom work. We received an event page and e-ticket in the style of the event. We could also approach them with questions about the ticket strategy for our event. I had my own point of contact at Eventgoose, which made it possible to switch gears quickly.”
– Melle Bloemen (Team Noisecontrollers)

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